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What is Airtable?

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Airtable helps your business run better.

Build a Second Brain for Your Business

Tired of dealing with countless spreadsheets? Airtable is the perfect remedy. Airtable differs from Excel or Google Sheets in its ability to create relational databases--giving you the power to organize and run your entire business. The result? 

More productivity, improved workflows, and significantly improved team communication.

Automate Repetitive Administrative Tasks

Airtable is a powerful virtual assistant. Once your database is built, GAP can work with you to identify your time consuming, low-value tasks and automate them using Airtable & third party integrations. In running this business, I no longer schedule calls, chase payments, invoice clients, or collect testimonials. Airtable does all of this and more, saving me dozens of hours.

What low-value tasks would you like to get off your plate?

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